Super Smash Brothers

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  • Gideon Seaman  says:

    How many players are you planning on having setup on each console for the competition?

    • admin  says:

      Currently 2. Final determination will occur after the advisory board meets on the 9th.

  • KHGamer  says:

    I wish that you would include a least one of the following games at a later date. These are based on what I have herd other students Request.
    1. Dragon ball Fighterz
    2. CS:GO
    3. Apex Legends
    4. Fortnite
    5. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

    • admin  says:

      Work through your coach and sponsor and they can make additional requests for add/removal.
      CS:GO and Fortnite would not be included since this is a High School event and shooting games will not be allowed, nor any M rated games.
      The others may be included at a future date.

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